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From Meth to Life One Cell at a Time

..Meth to Life

House of Grace

House of Grace

The Lure of the Sea

The Lure of the Sea


In Case of Stress: Reach Under Chair

Well, we're in. We pared down to essentials and it’s bittersweet. It’s refreshing, like a good, overdue haircut and unsettling, like waking up in your bed at someone else’s house. Read More >

The Next Chapter

If you study the anatomy of a book, you’ll find its chapters consists largely of suspense, as in, what’s going to happen next? Writers craft words in such a way as to keep that book in your hand so you cannot put it down until the very last word. Read More >

Grammar Shmammer

English connoisseurs may not have made it past the title of this post (since I made up a word and it looks misspelled and a host of other grammatically correct reasons), but for you who have made it to this part of the sentence, you know why you're here (and shame on you for saying 'shmammer.') Read More >

Birthing Books

Conceiving is easy; a thought, an idea or a dream flirts with a writer’s mind and is irresistible. Most writers gladly admit that it’s much more fun to play around with plots and titles, scenes and scenarios than to birth a book. Read More >

Walking on Water

A few years ago I pushed out from the shores of motherhood and enrolled my only son in a private Christian college. After much prayer, advice from counselors and applying for grants and scholarships, I was confident that the Lord was saying, “Go across to the other side.” I obeyed, believing that provision would be there all the way to his graduation. Read More >

On and On...

In editing, I find many writers struggle to stop a sentence. Words pour out and spill on the page without the writer realizing there's a mess.

Self-editing is a healthy habit for anyone who uses words - most especially those whose communications give direction and instruction. Read More >

Clear the Clunk!

Clunky sentences can trip up your reader. Reread and edit before you hit SEND on your e-mail message, or PUBLISH to your blog post, etc.

Read your post or message out loud, then bravely ask the tough questions: Read More >

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A blank piece of paper is God's way of telling us how hard it is to be God.

Sidney Sheldon

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